Mary Smith Photography, Oxfordshire


Mary Smith Photography offers a professional photography service for weddings, family portraits and for commercial customers. Her previous website did not place sufficient emphasis on her work and the photos were rather small. The site was also quite slow to load and did not work properly on mobiles and other smaller screen devices. There was a need for a more modern, mobile friendly site which gave her photographs much greater prominence and this is what we were able to provide.


Mary Smith Photography, Oxfordshire - mobile version of site

The new website for Mary Smith Photography was another collaboration with Nikki Shield of Designs Like These. In this case AttractMore and Designs Like These jointly conducted the research and analysis, then Nikki worked with Mary on the graphic design, i.e. colour palette, fonts, styling of headings, links and overall look and feel. The screen layouts for all different devices was a joint exercise.

From a technical point of view, Mary Smith was keen to have a straightforward content management system (CMS) so she could update the photo galleries and the text content easily. We selected WordPress as the most appropriate platform.

Mary also asked us to review the various software services available for providing private galleries for clients so they can order prints etc. from the selection of photos from a shoot. Many of these link to print and fulfilment companies. Having looked at the options available and how they would link up with the new site Mary decided to remain with her current provider, Shootproof which offered the best service for her.

We created a custom WordPress theme for Mary Smith Photography based on the designs agreed earlier and linked the site up with Shootproof. In addition, we brought over a number of blog articles from a site which Mary had used previously but all other content was written from scratch by Mary.

The new website was tested thoroughly across more than 40 combinations of device, operating system and browsers to ensure everything would work properly whatever platform a visitor chose to use to access the site. Performance testing was also critical on this site due to the large number of photos that are loaded on each page. Image heavy pages are loading on around 3 seconds and others in 2 seconds or less.

The migration and implementation phase went smoothly. As Mary makes good use of social media, it was particularly important that we ensured that links pointing to the old website redirected correctly to the most appropriate page on the new site.


There was hardly any downtime at the point of implementation and pages from the new site were soon appearing in Google searches. Within a few weeks Mary noticed a definite increase in the number of enquiries she was getting as the new site was performing so much better in the search engines than the previous site.



Mary Smith Photography

Our role

Attractmore carried out the development, testing, migration and implementation of this site for Mary Smith. The core design was produced by Designs Like These but with detailed layouts being designed by ourselves.