Totem Scaffolding Oxfordshire


Totem Scaffolding are a well-established scaffolding company based in Oxfordshire. Their previous website was out-of-date and was not mobile-friendly. In addition, it did not reflect the fact that Totem are now handling bigger and more complex projects.


Totem Scaffolding Oxfordshire - mobile version of site

This project was another collaboration with Nikki from Designs Like These. Nikki designed the site and we built, tested and implemented it. This site does not use a Content Management Systems such as WordPress, as the client did not anticipate making changes themselves nor writing a blog. The site was coded in HTML and CSS and one advantage of this approach is that it decreases the exposure and vulnerability of the site to attack by hackers.

The phone number button found on many of the pages includes code to detect whether the visitor’s device is a phone or not. If it is, Totem Scaffolding’s phone number is loaded into the device’s dialler so it is as easy as possible for the visitor to make the call. If the device has no dialler, then the visitor is directed to the contact page.

As with all of our projects, we went through a rigorous testing phase, checking page load speeds, appearance and functionality across a wide range of browsers, operating systems and devices. Older versions of these were included in our tests so we could be confident that the site looks good and works properly on the vast majority of devices currently in use.


The client now has a new website that reflects the nature and professionalism of the company. 70% of site visitors arrive via an online search.



Totem Scaffolding

Our role

Development, testing and implementation.