A Place in Bubión, Spain


This is a replacement website for an attractive holiday cottage located in Bubión in the Alpujarras in Southern Spain. The previous site didn’t work properly on mobiles and the design had become very dated which detracted from the appeal of the accommodation. The property owner commissioned a new website to properly show off the cottage and thereby increase bookings.


A Place in Bubión, Spain - mobile version of site

The objectives for the new site were that it should look modern, be easy to use, load quickly, make much better use of photos and, of course, that it should work easily on mobile smartphones.

The client had no plans to write a blog or to update the site herself so the decision was made not to use a Content Management system (CMS), but to build the site in HTML/CSS directly.

We were fortunate that a good number of decent photos of the cottage and the surrounding area were available so we were able to select the best for the new site. Generally photos are much bigger than on the previous website and have more visual impact. A strong Call to Action is included on the home page to encourage bookings.

Most of the content from the previous site was carried over to the new one but it was updated and reorganised so it had a more logical structure. This makes it easier for site visitors to access the information they need and leads them smoothly to a point where they can enquire or book.

The site content is available in 4 languages – English, Spanish, French and German and the project also included the design of a logo for the client’s business.

The site was thoroughly tested before implementation. The testing process checks appearance, function and performance across a wide range of devices, operating systems and browsers including many older versions so we could be confident that the new site would work effectively whatever device a user chose to access the web pages.

Once testing was complete, we implemented the new site ensuring that anyone attempting to access pages from the old site would be smoothly redirected to the appropriate page of the new site. This is essential for site visitors but also aids the search engines in finding and processing the new pages.

As is our practice now, the site was implemented under a security certificate to encrypt all data between the server and users’ devices.


The client now has a much more modern, secure, mobile friendly website that does justice to the attractive accommodation she offers in Bubión in Southern Spain.



A Place in Bubión

Our role

Design, development, testing and implementation.