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Effective, high-performing, low carbon websites, delivering value to your business. (Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/worms-eyeview-of-green-trees-957024/)

We work collaboratively with our clients to help them succeed using the internet.

We put our knowledge and expertise into crafting online experiences that genuinely promote clients’ businesses. We love what we do and we’d be delighted to work with you and your business.

About AttractMore


To be known in the UK as a web agency that produces powerful and effective websites with low carbon impact.


Our purpose is to use our skills and experience in web technologies to help small businesses grow and develop.


Our mission is to help SMEs and solopreneurs have powerful, effective websites that don’t cost the earth.


I think it is important to have a set of values that we adhere to no matter what. Most of the time it’s easy to stick with these; occasionally it’s more challenging. These are the main principles or values we have adopted:

  • Trustworthy
  • Respect
  • Sustainability
  • Determined
  • Integrity

This means we are honest and reliable with a clear focus on client needs and a determination to deliver to agreed deadlines. We will always be open about difficulties as well as opportunities, we will respond quickly and professionally to requests and we will always take an ethical approach to business (see below). Part of the ethical approach means limiting our own carbon emissions and, crucially, the emissions of any websites we work on. The internet as a whole use a huge amount of electricity on servers, networks and user devices (see our posts on sustanability) and we are committed to playing out part is reducing that usage. We are a signatory to the Sustainable Web Manifesto.

If this seems like a bland and empty set of items, I can assure you that, to us, it isn’t. They are guiding principles and experience shows that relationships with clients and the projects we carry out are all improved by adopting these ideas.


We enjoy the work we do and we have a number of ethical principles which apply to our work. We will not take on projects for people or organisations who are involved in worker exploitation or any form of discrimination. We will not carry out work for any company that supplies to the military, that carries out experiments on animals or that publishes pornographic material.

In addition, we do not condone dubious practices in web site design, SEO etc., where privacy options are made deliberately complicated so that users are tricked into agreeing to things they were not fully aware of, or where users are encouraged to spam their friends or do other things they may later regret. These practices are not ethical and we refuse to implement such features on web sites we design and build. They also detract from how a person experiences a web site and ultimately, we believe, they damage a business despite any short term gain that may accrue.

The reason for all this is that it is important to me that AttractMore conducts its business with integrity. I believe that ultimately, the way we behave in the world is strongly related to the way that people behave towards us.

So, for me it is essential that all aspects of AttractMore operate according to our ethical principles … everything from the type of clients we work with, cost estimates for the project, delivery dates, the billing – everything.

To that end, AttractMore has been accepted by the Good Business Charter as meeting the 10 components of responsible business practice.

Good Business Charter Compnents


Why prevent a significant percentage of the population from enjoying your web site? That’s what will happen if accessibility issues are not taken into account in the design.

People with poor sight can use screen reader software which will read the contents but this means properly identifying the building blocks that make up the site. There is no point reading out the header, menu and footer for every page, for instance. Contrast and colour combinations need to be considered for people who are colour blind. I think AttractMore has made some important steps in this direction but we are always looking to improve our service in this area.

My Story

Roger Knight Founder of AttractMore

I'm Roger Knight and I founded AttractMore back in 2006. Since then we've built a lot of web sites for a lot of different people and throughout that time web design itself and the technologies we use have changed a great deal. Some things haven't changed though: we continue to offer great service, produce modern attractive web sites that meet business needs and we don't charge over the odds. We work on solutions and design in conjunction with clients as we believe that collaborative working produces better results as clients know their business and audience better than we do.

Before starting AttractMore I worked as an IT Project Manager for many years, managing teams delivering large software development projects. So, not only do we have a great deal of experience in web design, web development, SEO etc., we also back this up with considerable, real-world project management skills making us a great choice for both smaller and larger web projects.

AttractMore team members are practical, knowledgeable people who are brought together to work on a particular project and, in this way, we can be sure to have the right skills available for the work in hand. We have access to a wide range of experienced individuals, including designers, developers, digital marketing specialists and so on, who all support the ethics and values of AttractMore. We can put a team together quickly that will meet the requirements of your project so, if we sound like the type of web development company you would like to work with, do get in contact - we'd love to hear from you.

Roger Knight Founder of AttractMore