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Services you need to promote your website on the internet. (Photo by Pixabay from Pexels:

To help your business make the most from the opportunities the internet offers, we provide a wide range of professional services to our clients.

These include detailed search engine optimisation to improve the visibility of your organisation online and creative design to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Website Creation

    Before starting the design of your website, we carry out thorough research to understand your business and audience needs. We analyse your objectives, explore competitor websites, and understand your target audience's motivations and concerns. This insight guides us in creating content and designs tailored to convert visitors into customers.

    Armed with this knowledge we can move quickly into detailed design of your new website. We will always ensure that the designs are mobile friendly and that they will adapt smoothly to display well on screens of all sizes. Design also considers potential carbon emissions and performance.

    Post-development, we rigorously test your website to ensure it will work on any device. We also check carbon emissions and test page load speed, fine tuning for lowest emissions and best performance. We provide a seamless migration plan to preserve the value of your previous site and avoid 'page not found' errors.

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  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Ensuring site visibility in Google, Bing and other search engines is a priority for organisations. These days, search engine optimisation is far more than just matching keywords and acquiring incoming links. Many more factors have a significant bearing on where your site will be positioned in the search results for a given phrase.

    If you would like to improve the SEO of your existing website, we can examine your site and make recommendations for improvement. These suggestions will cover ‘on page’ factors such as the content and technical elements as well as ‘off page’ aspects such as links and social media.

    SEO is not a one-off exercise, it requires monitoring so that changes to search algorithms and the improvement of competitor sites are recognised and appropriate, timely action is taken.

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  • Page Speed Optimisation

    Slow loading web pages give a poor impression of your business to site visitors. If their first contact with your brand is a frustrating one, it is unlikely that they will want to engage with you. A study by Google showed that, if a page takes over 3 seconds to load, over 50% of visitors will leave before it completes.

    In addition, Google downgrades slow loading pages in the search results which may well lead to you receiving less traffic than otherwise.

    The good news is that we can speed up your web pages using a variety of techniques and we offer a low-cost assessment of your site speed. As well as improving the visitor experience and a potential improvement in your search engine rankings, faster websites use less power and so have a reduced carbon footprint.

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  • Website Reviews

    If you are dissatisfied with your web presence for any reason we can carry out a review. We can address your dissatisfaction by suggesting ways to

    • Improve your showing in the search engines
    • Make your site mobile friendly
    • Increase the number of conversions to the levels you want/expect
    • Refine the quality of the content
    • Develop greater appeal to your target audience
    • Etc.

    With any or all of these, we can examine your web presence (website, social media etc.) and provide a detailed set of recommendations and to how to improve. Importantly, we will prioritise the suggestions so you (or we) can start work on the factors that will have the most positive impact.

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  • Website Support & Maintenance

    To get the best return on your investment in a website it needs to be looked after. The Content Management System and any other software that underpins your site will need to be updated regularly to bring in new functionality and to counter any security vulnerabilities that have been detected.

    Small changes will be needed to ensure your site continues to deliver the best performance and, if your organisation does not have an in-house support and maintenance team, we can offer that service directly to you.

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  • Branding & Graphic Design

    Having a strong visual brand can be hugely important in differentiating your business from competitors and in making an impact on potential customers. Colours, logo, typography, tone of voice, animation style etc. all play their part in creating the visual brand of your company. Through having a good understanding of your business we can work with you to create a distinctive brand identity that truly reflects your organisation.

    We can also create printed materials for your business – brochures, flyers, reports, banners etc., or design graphics for use online on your website of social media. This can include infographics if required.

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