As we well know, you only get one chance to make a first impression. It is important, therefore, that when a potential new customer sees material online or in print which relates to your business, it has been designed to reflect your brand and appeal to your audience.

The way we approach branding and graphic design is the same as if we were designing a new website. Before we start the design we carry out the necessary research phase, looking at the following.

  • Your business, your objectives and your values
  • Your audience(s) (i.e. who you wish to appeal to)
  • Your industry sector
  • Your competitors
  • The environment where the design is likely to be seen.
Logo design and brand image using coloured pencils

Branding and Logos

Our aim in designing branding for an organisation is to create a visual representation of the brand which is recognisable, memorable and which generates a positive association with the business.

In a connection economy, what other people think about you, their expectations of you, the promises they believe you make—this is your brand. – Seth Godin

If we are working on branding for you, we will consider

  • Key colours and additional accent colours
  • Typography – font, sizes, weights, colours – and how and when these are used, e.g. top level headlines may always be in capitals
  • Additional graphic elements
  • Image styles
  • Textures (if required)
  • Animation styles (if required)

Although these are listed as separate items, the skill of a graphic designer is to bring all these together into a consistent and unified style which genuinely reflects your brand.

Our initial research into your brand (and that of your competitors) will lead us into the creation of a set of options/ideas for your corresponding visual identity which includes the elements listed above. We will discuss these with you and usually take two of the options on for further development based on your feedback. Examination of these refined options will lead you to choose one of them and we will then make any final adjustments. The various elements of the brand will then be created in all the necessary formats for both web and print.

Brand image and logos
The creation of new branding is likely to involve the development of a new logo, however, we can also create a new logo to fit in with your existing branding so that it is better adapted to the current business situation. In the latter case, we would again do some initial research, provide a range of options which would be narrowed down and refined based on your feedback.

With logos and other graphic elements, formats, sizes, resolutions etc. are important in order for you to be able to use these items in any situation both online and offline. The way in which colour is represented on screen and in print differ and we will produce your new graphics in both formats.

With logos, you are likely to need a square version, possibly without text, as well as a full logo (usually the logomark plus the logo text). However, there may also be a need for other sizes and shapes depending on the intended uses of the logo.

At the end of the process you will have branding and/or a logo which successfully represents your organisation to the public for many years to come.

Graphic Design

We create eye-catching, stylish graphic designs for both web and print. For web we will design:

  • adverts
  • icons
  • infographics
  • social media graphics

With printed materials, particular consideration needs to be given to the circumstances in which the material will be read. At a conference, for instance, a pull up banner may only be glanced at and so must make a positive impression instantly. In contrast, a company report is likely to merit greater attention and the designs must accounts for these differences. We will design:

  • business cards
  • flyers
  • catalogues
  • banners
  • conference materials
  • company reports
  • leaflets


Having the right branding will make a difference to how your organisation is perceived. Over-complicated logos with inappropriate colours or typography will damage your reputation. The effect is insidious and persistent so it makes sense to work with experienced designers to create a brand image that enhances your business.

Graphic design carried out by experienced professionals builds the image of a business and helps your audience engage with and understand the information you wish to communicate. Hence, it is our belief that investing in branding and graphic design is money well-spent as it will give a good return.