Joining the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance

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The internet uses around 3.7% of the world's electricity, which is more than the whole aviation industry. Websites contribute to this power consumption and, in turn, contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases. Hosting websites on servers that use renewable energy helps, but unfortunately, many hosting companies are not doing this. The AttractMore website has now been accredited by the Eco-Friendly Alliance (EFWA) as having low carbon emissions after an independent audit. The EFWA is a UK-based social enterprise that aims to make a positive impact on the environment by creating a greener internet. Their goal is 'to build on our global movement for a cleaner and greener internet' with '1 million climate-positive websites by 2030'. In this article you can discover ways of reducing the carbon emissions of your site and show your commitment to digital sustainability.

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Want to save the planet? Start with your website

The internet uses a huge amount of electricity. Here's what you can do to help reduce that.

The data centres and telecoms networks used by the internet consume a huge amount of power, roughly the equivalent of all the electricity used by the UK. If we thought of the internet as a country, then it would be the 7th largest polluter in the world. Clearly, that's not OK. However, if you have a website, there are actions you can take to reduce the power consumption of the internet. Changing one website isn't going to make an impact, but neither is recycling one plastic bag. The impact becomes significant when we all take action collectively. And the effort involved in reducing the energy used by our sites is small. In this article, I'll talk about a number of ways in which you can make a difference.

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Ecosia - a search engine that plants trees

Ecosia is a search engine that invests its profits into planting trees.

There is something simple that you can do to help counteract the climate emergency that we are experiencing - change the search engine you use. Ecosia is an easy-to-use and effective search engine that uses the money it makes to plant trees all over the world. All search engines make money from adverts placed on the search results pages and Ecosia is no exception. What makes them different is how they use that money. Find out more about Ecosia and how to make the switch (it's simple). You can feel good about every search you make, knowing that trees are being planted because of that simple action.

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