Hygienic and Environmental Engineering Services (HEES)


This project was to replace a very old website which the company had had in place for over 10 years. It wasn't secure and didn't work properly on mobile phones. Some of the information on the old site was out of date and it gave a poor impression of the company, especially when compared to competitor websites.


Hygienic and Environmental Engineering Services (HEES) - mobile version of site

The previous site was difficult to update and this was the main reason it had fallen into disuse. HEES were keen to move to WordPress so they could more easily post news items and updates to various projects they were undertaking.

HEES also wanted to improve the SEO of the website and update the language used to make it more friendly. There was a limit to how much we could update the language, as HEES offer specialist engineering services which uses a certain vocabulary and set of abbreviations. The site is targeted to potential clients, so some of the specialist language needed to be retained.

HEES had an extensive supply of photos of the projects they had undertaken and good use was made of this in designing and building the new site.

AttractMore were responsible for the entire process - design, search engine optimisation, development, testing and implementation.

As with all of our projects, we went through a rigorous testing phase, checking page load speeds, appearance and functionality across a large number of browsers, operating systems and devices. Post implementation checks were made to check appearance, function and performance. The majority of the pages were found to load in less than 3 seconds.


HEES now has a fast, secure modern website that works well on screens of all sizes which is much more appropriate for their business.




Our role

Design, development, testing and implementation.