Neve's Bees - natural beeswax cosmetics


Back in 2017, we implemented the first ecommerce site for Neve's Bees. At that time, Neve's Bees had just started out selling a range of beeswax based cosmetics. Since that time, the business has grown significantly with many more products on offer.


Neve's Bees - natural beeswax cosmetics - mobile version of site

Fast forward to the beginning of 2021, the owners decided that, to grow the business further, they needed to sell a wider range of products and not just those that they manufactured themselves from their beeswax. Also, they wanted to be able to sell ‘collections’ of products.

Nikki from Designs Like These, redesigned the home page to be more modern and more product-focused as well as contributing to the design of other pages.

New categories were created and a proportion of existing products moved category, some appearing in more than one category. The challenge here was to make sure all the SEO benefits that has built up over the last 4 years were not lost.

As always, we tested the site thoroughly before implementation. We checked appearance, functionality and speed on a wide range of devices, operating systems and browser versions. Older versions of these are included in our tests so we can be confident that the site looks good and works properly on the vast majority of devices currently in use.

We put more thought and effort into accessibility by people with disabilities than we did with the previous site. We also beefed up web security even further to protect the site and its customers from a wide range of potential security threats.

The site is fast (home page load of 2.2 seconds on a decent connection), gives high scores for Core Web Vitals and has maintained the search engine positions it held before.


The client now has a more modern and product-focused site that is the platform for further expansion of the business. It is easy to use both for customers and for herself. As before, it is simple for her to add new products, change prices, update stock levels and to publish new articles about her business.



Neve's Bees

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Development, testing, site migration and implementation