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This project was to refocus the site on a particular target audience while modernising the technical foundation of the website and making it more future-proofed. The site now includes a blog, it is better optimised for SEO and the whole site loads faster than the previous version. The new site is a much better reflection of the professionalism and focus of Ox Designers.


Ox Designers - specialist graphic design for STEM companies - mobile version of site

The purpose of this redesign and rebuild was two-fold.

Firstly, Emma of Ox Designers, wanted the site to focus more on her primary target audience of STEM companies. Secondly, the WordPress theme had not been updated in a while and the plugins it depended on could not be updated. This was a security risk and lead to a loss of confidence in the theme and its future so it needed to be replaced.

Emma designed the site, wrote additional content and decided to include a blog on the website and wrote a number of posts.

Our job was

  • to provide advice on web design (in particular for smaller screen devices)
  • select a WordPress theme which would, as far as possible, be future-proof
  • migrate existing content
  • rebuild the site in the best technical way, taking careful account of SEO factors throughout.

As always, we carried out a thorough testing phase, carefully managing issues we uncovered, correcting these and retesting.

Following completion of the testing phase, we moved the new site live. We then went through the post-implementation checklist covering appearance, function and performance. There were no issues and we were satisfied that pages loaded in less than 3 seconds on a reasonable connection with most pages loading in around 1 second.

Another successful project outcome.


Ox Designers now have a fast, secure modern website that works well on screens of all sizes which is much more focussed on the primary target audience of the business.


Can I just say Roger Knight is brilliant. We have just spent the last two months shaping and building the new Ox Designers website together. This process basically looked like:

  • me giving Roger a broad-brush overview
  • Roger saying yes to some things, and then ‘have you thought about doing it this way?’ to all the other (most) bits
  • Roger creating a detailed plan for implementation
  • Roger recording every job action on an interactive project platform
  • plus advising me on SEO
  • and putting a slick site together that does my new brand message justice



Ox Designers

Our role

Development, testing and implementation.