In parallel with designing your new website, we will undertake with you a content audit of your existing website. Based on our findings we will provide guidance and a detailed plan of what content we think is required for your new website.

By ‘content’ here we don’t just mean written text. For, in order to convey your message in the fast-paced digital environment, and to provide a rich customer experience, we advise using, where appropriate, high-quality video, illustrations, icons, images, etc. In our view, these are an important ingredients in winning the interest of your prospective customers (in particular high value ones), and turning them into fee-paying clients.

To supply any of this content for you, we have a wider team of illustrators, designers, video artists, photographers, etc. that we can bring to your project. And if you have your own resources to draw on, we can help you with the selection of pictures, etc.

Creating effective Content for Websites

We particularly recommend using a professional, experienced website copywriter to draw up the text for your web pages. Although it might seem that you are the best person to write about your own business, our experience is that specialist copywriters provide something extra. They offer several benefits:

  • By definition, their product is clear and succinct.
  • It can be written in the tone of voice and with the inbuilt messages you request.
  • When asking questions so that they can write about your business, they often spot elements of your USP that you previously did not use or highlight – or they expose obvious but forgotten details.

Whether you use a copywriter or not, we will guide you on how to produce web copy that maximises your placement on search engines. But again, that is another skill of copywriters – the selection and crafting of suitable phrases and appropriate keywords in your web text.