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Just over a month ago now we launched a new web site for Alison Plant, an experienced Pilates instructor in Leeds. As you would expect, the web site looks great and works well on screens of all sizes, from larger desktop monitors to mobile smartphones.

Alison had never had a web site before and she had some concerns with investing time and money into using the internet to promote her business. However, we were able to create a good looking site that now ranks at number 8 in Google UK for the term ‘Pilates Leeds’.

mobile smartphones - Pilates Leeds

As you will see from the picture, the web site layout consists of 2 columns at most screen sizes but once the screen width drops below a certain point, the layout changes to one column. On these smaller screens, mostly mobile smartphones, the content that was in the second column drops below the main content so nothing is lost or hidden.

In addition to designing and creating the web site for the client, we took over all the business stationery and, in conjunction with the client, we changed the colours of the logo to create a warmer, more welcoming feel. We also dealt with the business card, letterheads, badges, tote bags, flyers etc.

This is what Alison had to say about her experience of working with AttractMore …

I am very pleased indeed with the work that Roger has done for me. In addition to the technology side of things, of which I am completely ignorant, he has been able to help me with the design/aesthetic aspect of the website. So not only does my website work very well, but it looks good too.

At every stage of the development he has been completely reliable, timely and helpful and been very clear on what he needed me to do.

One of my anxieties was regarding Search Engine Optimisation and that has been successful - I am on the first page of the Google search with the obvious key words and these days, this is a real benchmark of success, as well as a weight off my mind!

A website is a big deal and you need a designer that you can trust to do a good job. I would be more than happy to recommend Roger.

Pilates Leeds website on a mobile smartphone and a laptop

We recently conducted a training session with Alison so she is able to update the site, add new images, blog posts, amend existing pages and handle comments on the blog.

This has been another great project to work on and we look forward to seeing the site expand and to hearing about an increasing number of clients for this Pilates instructor in Leeds.

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