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The design of the previous web site was becoming a bit of an embarrassment.  It hadn’t been updated for several years and it was looking tired. Whenever I gave my business card out I was hoping people wouldn’t go and look at the site! Not a good attitude. So, having intended to update the site many times, I took time away from client projects to deal with AttractMore Web Design. And this is the result.

It’s responsive so works nicely on mobiles, tablets etc. It has a brighter, more modern feel to it. It incorporates this blog and it’s attractive and easy to use.  It is less common these days to see the menu on the left (normally, of course, it appears horizontally above the content) but that is something I like about the design.

Hope you like it.  If you do or if you don’t, please feel free to add your comment below.  Also, if you happen to find that anything isn’t working properly or you think there is a better way we could handle certain aspects of the site, please do let us know.

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